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Arizona Lakes Fishing Reports

Read on for current fishing reports and information from my Arizona fishing adventures and guide trips. 
If you have a question, give me a call at (229) 834-7880 or email

Fishing Report for Patagonia Lake, Arizona 20 Nov 2012
Susan came all the way from Maui to catch her first bass.  Hope she can come back to Tucson soon and make more great memories like this but after all, she does live on an island paradise.

This Patagonia Lake largemouth fell for a floating Smithwick Rattlin Rogue worked on a Powell 703CB-Glass rod, perfect for effortlessly working a jerkbait with pinpoint accuracy, perfect balance and extreme sensitivity.  Check out Powell Rods today. 


Fishing Report for Patagonia Lake, Arizona, 28 Nov 2012
Got a late start at 10:30 AM.  I was told they had stocked trout in the basin the day prior.  Started throwing a Spro BBZ-1 floating swimbait but no takers.  Upon making my very first cast with this 6" Castiac swimbait (available at TGS Outdoors)  I caught this nice chunk.  Thought I was on to something with this but several hours and 10,000 casts later, I had no more swimbait bites.  Throughout the day I flipped, cranked, jerked and drug a jig.  Had a couple bites on a 3/4 oz. Chompers Football Head jig but they just wouldn't hold on to it.  Later in the day I caught two fish on consecutive casts with a floating Rattlin Rogue jerkbait.  I think this was my first trip ever to Patagonia where I didn't flip up a fish.  The clouds and wind had me persistently throwing a swimbait for that trophy fish that never came but I got a good shoulder work-out!  Thankfully my Powell 765 MH Flippin Stick made easy work out of heaving a large bait all day.  When I wanted to feel a tug on my line, I'd head into the basin and throw an in-line spinner for some trout action but that doesn't quench the fire in the belly of a true trophy hunter, it merely makes him contemplate the legal implications of soaking a live trout under a float with a 7/0 hook through his snout.  Being the law abiding citizen that I am, I refrained.  By nightfall I had only three bass and a few trout to show for my efforts so I put my equipment to rest all nice and organized in their Rod Gloves for the ride home safe and secure, ready for the next adventure. 


Fishing Report for Lake Roosevelt, Arizona, 1-2 Dec 2012
Hit the water Saturday 7:00 AM at the Windy Hill ramp and spent the majority of the morning bouncing around points and pockets from Grapevine to around Why Cove.  I was rotating through a variety of crankbaits from shallow squarebills to deep runners like the Strike King 6XD and Norman DD22.  The only 2 fish caught on cranks came on a chartruse Norman Deep Little N.  My partner Tom Hail meddled in crankbaits and spinnerbaits a bit but he mostly stayed true to his drop-shot or what I call power-shot.  If you’re fishing with a baitcaster and 12lb test it doesn’t really qualify as “drop-shotting” right?... Whatever the terminology, it didn’t prove to be much more effective than the cranks but he did pick up a couple small ones as well.
After that we started working our way back towards Windy Hill hitting various points then ended up in the back of Salome Cove banging squarebills off of the shallow brush…no takers so we ran over and deep cranked and powershoted around the damn…no takers.  At that point we decided to trailer the boat and go get lunch.
Once back on the water we revisited some of the points around the grapevine where Tom picked up a couple small ones power-shotting  but that was it except for one more near the boat ramp that I picked up with a jig. 

Sunday we tried a bit of the same for the first couple hours of the day and picked up a few on deep (Strike King 6XD) and medium (Norman Deep Little N) cranks.  Then we moved out and stayed in 25+ feet of water.  Spent a lot of time using the electronics looking for that mother-load but never found it.  We were off the water by 1:00 PM with only three fish to show.

he water hovered in the low 60’s both days with the water appearing to be slightly stained.  If I had to do it all over again, I’d probably spend more time looking for deeper fish.  I must add that my Powell 711 CB Glass/Comp crankbait rod made easy work out of heaving and retrieving deep cranks all day.  Their sensitivity was key to the fish I caught and the baits I never lost to the submerged brush I was getting down into for two days.  Tom and I had a great time and enjoyed some great weather but I’m sorry for the dismal report.  I’d say I still have a lot to learn about Roosey…she was very stingy to us but I’ll get her figured out.

Fishing Report for Lake Roosevelt, Arizona, 14-15 Dec 2012

Bret and I started our day launching at Windy Hill at about 0730.  The skies were calm and the breeze was light but that was about to change.  After less than an hour of nice calm weather the skies turned angry and wet and the wind blew hard.  After about three hours into the day of throwing crankbaits deep and shallow I picked up a spinnerbait and caught our first fish.  Thinking that might be the ticket, I spent a lot of time throwing it but no more takers.  Finally we decided to stick with the dropshots and that paid off well as the day progressed.  The skies calmed, the sun shined a bit and the wind settled somewhat.  I think this is what helped us to pick up the 20 or so fish we caught by days end including a 5.2 lb chunk that fell for a green pumpkin trick worm.  Most however were small.  The parking lot was still deserted when we trailered the boat and we never saw another boat on the lake all day…wonder why?


On Saturday we launched about the same time and spent a short time hitting shallow water with cranks and topwaters hoping the crazy weather would’ve made the fish crazy but I think it made them lazy.  We worked hard till about 4:00 for just a few fish that day but we did pick some up on deep cranks and dropshots. 

We spent both days bouncing around the Salt end, near the marina and around Rock Island.  The water was slightly stained and hovered around 57 to 59 degree but it was dropping.  I’m not sure what the air temperature was but the snow-capped mountains makes me guess it was in the low to mid cold.  The majority of our bites came in the 10 to 20 foot zone.

This was my first trip out with my new Powell Diesel series rods.  I was dropshotting with the 6103MEF spinning rod and the 705CB baitcasting rod.  Both worked great!  I threw a jig and a spinnerbait with the 723CEF.  I can’t tell the difference between these and my similar action Max rods.  These rods offer professional performance on a budget and I will be ordering more.  For the money, I don’t think you’ll find a better rod. 

Lake Patagonia, Arizona Fishing Report 6 Jan 2013

For our first trip of the year, my partner Jacob and I decided to stay close to home and try our luck on Patagonia.  The air temp was 28 degrees when we launched and the water temp was 46 degrees.  A few clouds were present as was a fairly brisk breeze. 

We started off working the basin over.  I threw a swim bait while Jacob drug a jig…no takers.  We then moved out to the small canyon on the left towards the damn and drop-shotted the deep trees there…still no takers.  After that we moved out to the main lake and used our electronics to find deeper fish.  They seemed to be holding at the bottom in 50+ feet of water but very scattered.  The shad were there in huge balls all tight to the bottom.  After picking up only one decent fish on a spoon we decided to pick up the flippin sticks and get busy.  Ten minutes into our flipping plan I stuck this 7lb 12oz toad with my Powell Max 7’6” Flippin Stick.  We flipped the rest of the day till around 4:00 PM and no more takers. 


To those who dabble in flipping but get frustrated and give up, don’t!  The hours of unproductive fishing accompanied by the ever-maddening battles with grass, tullies and other forms of thick cover are well worth it.  It’s not easy but the rewards are big.

11-12 Jan 2013 Lake Roosevelt Allstar Team Tournament Fishing Report

My partner Jacob Rogers and I set out Friday morning for Lake Roosevelt to scout out the lake for the Allstar Bass Tournament the following Saturday.  Driving through the higher elevations was tricky due to the ice on the roads and the freezing temperatures.  Arriving at the lake around 0930 we launched to find the temperatures cold but bearable.  Soon after that the winds kicked up and we spent the rest of the day looking for places that held fish and protection from the wind.  Friday was mostly uneventful as we only put one solid keeper in the boat that fell for a deep diving crankbait.  We mostly used our electronics to find shad but we did shake a couple fish off. 

Saturday morning my truck thermometer displayed a chilly 18 degrees as we made our way to the Windy Hill launch.  Listening to rich Native American Indian flute music along the way, we found our inner balance, peace and humble understanding.  After applying many layers and drinking hot coffee we set out…boat 27.

Our plan was simple, bounce around points and ledges that looked the most promising during our pre-fishing and work them over with deep diving crankbaits and dropshots.  We stuck with that all day and it paid out with a limit weighing 9.51 lbs for 7th place out of 59 teams.  I don’t know what we could have done differently to bag a kicker fish but I’m sure the winners knew.  We did miss a few bites and on game-day, that never works in your favor.  I will say that my Powell Max cranking stick made easy work out of slinging a big crank all day and performed flawlessly as usual. 


21-25 Jan 2013 Lake Amistad, Del Rio, TX Fishing Report
FLW Everstart Texas Division

I just wrapped up competing in the FLW Everstart Texas Division season opener on Lake Amistad.  This was the first time I ever laid eyes on this lake and what a lake it is!  While the fishing was tough by Amistad standards due to dropping water and cold temps, I found the fishing to be better than most of my recent trips here in Arizona.

I started my pre-fishing on Monday with my good friend Travis (Bear) Reeves.  He used to live in Del Rio and knows the lake very well.  For the first part of the day he took us to several of his deep water haunts looking for bigguns in the 10 to 30 foot zone but this proved to be slow and the fish proved to be small.  For the last part of the day we went shallow throwing lipless crankbaits, spinnerbaits and swimbaits.  That proved to be the answer as we boated several fish in the 3 to 4lb range in a short period of time.  My next two days of practice were spent probing the shallows looking for the best combination of shallow grass with wood cover and ditches nearby.  The ditches were key since the dropping water had fish unsure about committing to shallow spawning flats and seemed to want to be near deeper escape routes. 

Day 1 was a rough start.  In the basin before blast-off I dropped a pole in the water and cracked a rib on my left side trying to snatch it from sinking…very painful!  I was boat #1 and made it to my first spot before anyone else but before I could make the first cast another boat pulled in right behind me.  I had to share this water with him for a good part of the morning and whach him catch a limit before I could get a bite.  At weigh-in I put my limit on the scales for 22nd place with 15.10 pounds.

I started day 2 in my primary spot and had a good limit early but the fifth bite I had came from an Amistad titan that was well over 8 pounds.  Unfortunately she shook my hook and never made it to the scales.  I did however have a 16.13 pound limit at day’s end for a 21st place finish collecting a paycheck.

My go-to baits for this event were the Gambler Big EZ, Strike King Red Eye Shad lipless crankbait, Booyah Boo Jig with a Big Bite Fighting Frog trailer and a Zoom Magnum Speedworm.  The bigger fish ate the Big EZ when I’d swim it by cover in the grass.  I did cull some fish on the jig and the cankbait. 

I must give credit to my Rod Gloves.  You see, the rod I tried to loose in the drink on day 1 was on deck still in it’s Rod Glove giving the upper portion of the rod a little extra buoyancy and a precious few extra seconds to retrieve it.  This was the Powell 7’6” flipping stick I used to heave the swimbaits extra-long distances and get good hook sets on the end of those long casts.  Fish were spooky in the dropping, gin-clear water so it was imperative to stay long distances from your targets.  The long rod made all the difference and thanks to Rod Glove, I had that rod for the competition.


9 Feb 2013 Lake Patagonia Arizona Fishing Report
(Patagonia Elite Series)

My partner Jacob Rogers and I managed to pull down a “Win” at this season’s second Patagonia Elite Series event last Saturday.  When we showed up it was near freezing and drizzling rain.  Shortly after blast-off temperatures plummeted and we were graced by blizzard-like snow coming down sideways with 30 MPH winds.  The snow stayed with us till about 1100.  Visibility was poor and it was so cold that our hands could hardly function.  We managed to pick up fish two ways.  First by dragging one of Jacobs home-made football head jigs tipped with a craw and second by flipping the tullies with a Strike King Hack Attack jig tipped with a craw.  While the water hovered in the high 40s, fish were surprisingly shallow.  We boated a total of 5 fish but due to the lack of feeling and dexterity in our hands we managed to lose four more…two of which we saw and were well over 4 lbs. each.  None the less our 3-bass limit came it at a whopping 10+ lbs and we had 3rd place lunker with a 5+ lber.

My Powell Max 765 MH flippin stick was key for the bigger bites.  With the condition my hands were in, it was nearly impossible to detect the subtle bites while flipping the tullies.  This rod not only handled the thick cover and the big jig with ease but the sensitivity in these rods provided the bite detection required in extreme conditions…check em out!


1 Feb 2013 Lake Patagonia Arizona Fishing Report



I took my friend Jacob out today to see if we could find some fish at Patagonia Lake.  We have another tournament coming up there on 9 March so we want to be prepared.  It was a beautiful day to say the least.  With the temperatures rising, I think the bass are starting to feed heavily.  This would explain the swollen bellies you see in the photos.
We caught some on swimbaits and others by flipping the tullies.  We boated a total of seven bass with the biggest one pushing 6lbs.  The water started out at 49 degrees but rose to just above 50 by day’s end.  The water is very clear on the lower end of the lake with a slight stain in the upper end.

This is the time of year when you have your best chance at catching a trophy bass.  They’re eating well and will be heavier now through the spawn than during any other time of the year.


7 Mar 2013 Lake Saguaro Arizona Fishing Report

I took Tony out to Saguaro Lake with high expectations based on a number of reports I’d received lately about the good fishing there as of late.  We arrived just as it was light enough to launch and we went straight over behind the marina.  We started off the day throwing jerkbaits and swimbaits but no takers.  As the sun got up we started to spot several fish on beds.  Some of those fish were guarding there nest fiercely and we managed to catch a few of those but there were dozens more fish roaming around that just didn’t want to bite.  Some of those fish were giants!  Around 10:00 AM we had caught about 6 fish so we left that area and set out to explore other options.  Down the lake we found a few more on the beds and caught a couple of those but discovered that the roaming fish in these areas were not interested in biting either.  After laying eyes on literally hundreds of quality fish moving around, I decided it was time to break out the finesse gear.  I began whacky rigging a 4” Senko with a tiny hook tied to 6lb fluorocarbon line.  By day’s end we had boated well over a dozen fish this way and they were all quality fish.

The bite is on here in S. AZ folks so you need to get out and experience some great fishing before it gets too hot.  The fish are feeding up and making babies and are easier to catch now than they will likely be at any point through the year.  

9 Mar 2013 Lake Patagonia Arizona Fishing Report
(Patagonia Elite Series)


My partner Jacob and I won yet another Elite series event here on Patagonia today and boy was it a tough one for us!  We determined that flipping the tullies was going to be the way to get the quality bites we needed for a win and we were correct.  What we didn’t know was that we would only get three bites all day.  Fortunately for us we were able to capitalize on each bite and convert that into a limit weighing 14+ lbs.  We caught these fish by flipping a Big Bite Fighting Frog into the thickest part of the tullies we could find.  The big fish (a 6lber) ate a watermelon red color and the other two ate green pumpkin.  I can’t say enough about my Powell Rods
Max 766 Flipping Stick (available at TGS Outdoors) is the best on the market in my opinion.  The water was hovering in the high 40s and up to the low 50s and fish are very lethargic.  This made it very hard to detect the strike because they would just barely swallow the bait.  But due to the extreme sensitivity and power of these rods we were able to detect the strike and wrestle the fish out of the thick cover for another win.

13 Mar 2013 Lake Saguaro Arizona Fishing Report

I took Bret to Saguaro Lake today for what promised to be a great day of sight-fishing for largemouth bass.  While we did manage to catch a few that way, the majority of the 30+ fish we caught came from a variety of methods.  We caught fish with drop-shots, jerkbaits, whacky rigs, texas rig lizards and surprisingly enough Spro Frogs.  Yes the frog bite is coming on here in Southern Arizona and I could not be happier.  While only two fish fell for the frog, one of them was the biggest fish of the day…this 6+ lb. Saguaro toad.  The lake was extremely busy with boat traffic but it was a beautiful day filled with great fishing.  Plus, Bret managed to stay cool on a very warm day in his Breathe Like A Fish shirt.  It’s getting hot out there folks and these shirts will keep you cool and protected from the sun in this unforgiving climate.  I highly recommend the shirts with the built-in buff.

Easter Weekend at Patagonia Lake Arizona Fishing Report

I managed to make my way out to Patagonia Lake four times between Friday, 22 March and Sunday 31 March 2013.  My friend Jacob went with me on two of these trips and I have to say…we have caught some good fish!   I’ll make this short by saying we caught fish on frogs, swimbaits, flipping tullies and off of beds.  The frog bite has been somewhat slow with action primarily in the mornings and in the evenings but the quality has been great with the biggest one in these photos, this 8 lber falling for a Spro Frog. 

The flipping bite has been pretty good yielding a few in the 5lb range.  My swimbait brought a few good ones including this 6 lber. 

Bed fishing has yet to really get cranked up but there are some bedding up.  Overall the fishing has been great!

11 Apr 2013 Saguaro Lake Arizona Fishing Report

I had the pleasure of taking two new friends out to Saguaro Lake today and what a time we had.  Brad and his son Sidney got to experience first-hand the great fishing that Southern Arizona has to offer.  We started off the day in the back of a small cove near Shipwreck Island and caught several bluegill with mealworms.  Sidney single-handedly filled the live-well for the family feast and hopefully we got another kid hooked on fishing!  After getting the skunk out of the boat we spent a few more hours teaching Brad the fine art of sight-fishing.  We never had to go far to find bedding bass or spend too much getting them to bite.  A whacky rig Senko seemed to do the trick almost every time. 

I’d say a great time was had by all but by buddies had to leave around noon.  I spent the rest of the day solo catching bedding and cruising fish with the Senko as well as a texas-rigged lizard and a Spro frog.  No giants today but a few in the 4lb range.  Saguaro lake is on fire folks so make plans to get out there soon!

Saguaro Lake, AZ Fishing Report August 2013
It’s crazy hot here in AZ!!  I took my friends Harold and his lovely wife Jo out on Saguaro Lake and managed to catch some decent bass.  If we'd had a little more wind I think the bite would’ve been better but given the tough conditions these two managed to bag some nice bass.  Most of them fell for a Texas-rigged worm worked in about 10 to 20 feet of water.  "Slow" is the name of the game for these tough conditions.

Parker Canyon Lake, AZ Fishing Report, Aug 2013
My friend Dave wanted to give Parker Canyon a try for some bass and it proved to be a very good day.  Not only did we escape the oppressive valley heat, he caught some nice fish.  This lake can be stingy at times but if you take the right approach to picking apart the vast expanses of grass with the right lures, you can hit the jackpot.  That’s exactly what Dave did today by rounding out a nice limit of bass with this 5.12 lb. lunker…his new personal best.  Congrats Dave!  All of his fish ate a Texas-rigged worm on light line worked slowly through the grass.

Lake Saguaro, AZ Fishing Report, Aug 2013
The heat down in the Valley is brutal but the fishing is on FIRE!!!  I took my friend Jason and his daughter out on Saguaro Lake and it proved to be a great day of fishing as Saguaro Lake usually is.  We spent the day dragging Texas-rigged worms and shakey heads to put several bass in the boat.  This young lady can fish!  She put a big catfish in the boat as well as her own two new personal best largemouth bass weighing in over 4 and 5 lbs!...Wow!!!

Parker Canyon Lake, AZ Fishing Report 20 Sep 2013

When we arrived at Parker Canyon Lake this morning the air temperature was a brisk 58 degrees.  The water temps are hovering in the mid 70’s and it seems the bite is getting better every day.  My partner and I caught about 20 fish total to include these three beauties going 5.7, 5.8 and 5.9 lbs.  These big girls fell for a Pro Swimbaits swimmer in Glass Bluegill.  My friend Oliver hand pours and paints these baits to exact specifications of color and consistency making them hard for big fish to resist.  Some of the other fish fell for craw imitators and buzzing frogs.  Another great day on this little lake!  Hey even with the great weather this time of year you need protection from the sun so check out the Breathe Like A Fish shirt I'm wearing and get yourself some with the built-in buff like mine to keep you cool and protected...the sun is no will hurt you.  I also have to mention that the equipment I use for myself and my clients is quality Powell Rods and they deserve to be protected by quality Rod Gloves so that they're ready for action at any time.  Protect your equipment with a small investment in some Rod Gloves

Saguaro Lake, AZ Fishing Report 30 Mar 2014
Hey folks it's been some time since I last updated my fishing reports but here ya go...
The fishing is HOT right now in southern Arizona!!!  Fish are on spawning beds and up shallow chewin on baits all day long.  Sight fishing is the name of the game if the conditions allow it but if the wind's up and clouds are present then jerkbaits, swimbaits and soft plastics like lizards and worms will catch the ones still looking for love.  Here are some pictures of my friends with some great catches on some recent trips.

Parker Canyon Lake, AZ March 2014
In a recent trip to Parker Canyon my friend Johnny and I caught some real nice fish on giant swimbaits.  The fish in this lake are gorging on stocked trout so their bellies are blown up!  While you may not think fish like these would be interested in eating because they appear full, they still take any opportunity to feed that presents itself.

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